Our story was begun 30 years ago, and the history is still being written…

Our story began in Ankara, during the early career years of Prof. Ünlü. Although rhinology was one of the unexplored fields of otorhinolaryngology, Prof. Ünlü was determined to dedicate himself to expand the horizons and therefore he set himself to follow the paths of innovation.

In 1989, Prof. Ünlü conducted several researches on endoscopy in Ankara, the capital city. Few months later, he went to Austria, Graz the birthplace of functional endoscopic sinus surgery. In his return to Turkey, Prof. Ünlü immediately became the pioneer of this technique; moreover, he facilitated the improvement of the technique through making presentations, organizing courses and publishing papers all over the country.

Prof. Ünlü’s imagination, merging with his passion for finding high-impact solutions in the field, led him towards rhinoplasty. In 2004, he published his reference book on external rhinoplasty, entitled Surgical Atlas of External Rhinoplasty, in Istanbul. Additionally, Prof. Ünlü keeps sharing his knowledge and expertise with surgeons around the world during the international and renowned Rhinocamp® meetings, regularly held since 2006.

In 2019, celebrating the 30th anniversary of his career, Prof. Ünlü’s pathway to excellence settled in Dr. Ünlü Clinic in Izmir.